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Originally Posted by pixeltarian View Post
Yes. I am an experienced mac user and reaper user. I have not included my default plugin directory for reaper to scan. I have deleted all all locations in settings>Plugins>VST except the custom one that I have only 64bit AU plugins.

So basically what I'm going to go ahead and assume is that reaper has no directory customization options for AU. It can only clear VST plugin paths and AU paths are automatically scanned no matter what. I think? Although that still makes no sense because I have renamed my default VST and AU (components) directories so reaper cannot find them. It still finds a bunch of x86 audio unit plugins. It makes no sense unless there is some secret plugin folder reaper scans and mac has that I am unaware of.
well I do not feel your 'experienced' if you can not find these x86 plugins.., I do find this all a bit weird.., just completely erase and format you harddrive and reinstall everything and just start again.. its simple.


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