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more details:
- I am running reaperX64
Reaper being 32 bit would make some sense for this problem but it's labelled REAPER64 and it says /64 in the title bar when reaper is open.

- I have renamed my plugin directories so reaper cannot find them (in theory).
- I have pointed reaper's plugin path to a folder I put a few plugins in.
- reaper is not finding any of the plugins I put in the specified directory
- reaper is still finding x86 plugins
- I am not going to reformat my computer for this problem.

Here's what I think MIGHT be happening:
Reaper can only configure VST plugin directories and does not give me access to AU settings and is scanning some random AU location that is not in library/audio/plugins... which doesn't really make sense, but it's at least some kind of place to start thinking/looking.

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