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1) Check or do a search on your computer where the .dll plugin files were installed to (Massive.dll, Reaktor 6.dll, etc.).
2) Then in Reaper Preferences > Plug-Ins > VST check if this folder is already part of the plugin path. If not [Add] the folder to the path.

In case you haven't already found them, make sure to check out the User Guide ( and the Videos section ( in general.
Like chapter 1.16 Enabling VST Plug-ins.

Ive thought about trying to move maschine files into the reaper plugins folder(like u would with most other Reaper plugs), but i know u are not supposed to move maschine fIles around or it won't be able to locate the correct pathways any more.
In addition, it's also not recommended to put any 3rd party plugins (like the ones from NI) into Reaper's own plugin folder, in general.
That's what the default or manually added plugin folders in the VST plugin path are for ...

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