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Originally Posted by Stella645 View Post
You would have the option to define the vstplugin location when you installed the software. So it's likely you installed it somewhere Reaper isn't looking.

Probably you would be fine to move just the vstplugin component (dll file in Windows) but if you're not comfortable with that see here:


Tried moving maschine, massive, guitar rig into reapers plugin/vst folder...nothing. Rescanned plugins, restarted reaper, all that. Still none of it shows up in reapers vst or fx list.
I've searched thru all the native instruments files and can't find anything labeled "dll"....?

I've tried every tip I've gotten, and every trick I could find on various forums and in the NI troubleshooting section...anything that seemed even slightly relevant to my issue. Nada.
Loosing hope, it's been almost 2 weeks and i haven't made a single shred of progress.

Does anyone out there have some info that can save me from smashing this thing(and my head) against the wall!? I beg u, Lol
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