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Originally Posted by Emotionmelodiez View Post
Does anyone out there have some info that can save me from smashing this thing(and my head) against the wall!? I beg u, Lol
I'll try to give some additional info:

In general, NI products like Maschine or Massive (which are available as both Standalone and plugin) will install files to different locations for
- the Standalone application (.exe and additional files like documentation, etc.) - which can be used on its own
- the VST plugins (.dll) - which are the ones we want Reaper to find (in order to be able to load and use these plugins inside Reaper)

So basically after the products were installed, it should only be necessary to make sure that the path to the install folder of the .dll plugin files is included in the VST Paths in Reaper (Preferences > Plug-Ins > VST).
If you don't see the .dll file extension in the Windows File Explorer, then it's most likely the case that file extensions are hidden:

When you open Native Access and click on a product entry under [Installed products], you should see info about the install paths of this product on the right side in the [Installation Path] Tab.

In general, I would not recommend to move any .dll plugin files from NI products manually (unless you know what you are doing ), since this usually breaks the path references and you will most likely have path problems the next time you want to install an update!

If you already moved files around too much or don't know anymore what the original install locations were, it's probably easier to start fresh and reinstall these products.
- https://support.native-instruments.c...-Native-Access
- https://support.native-instruments.c...cts-on-Windows

And also check install paths before doing a reinstall in the Preferences of Native Access: https://support.native-instruments.c...-Native-Access

As a side note: you can find some general hints about plugin organization under Windows here:
Although the article uses a different DAW (Ableton Live) in the example, the steps for organizing plugin files in a custom plugin folder are the same. The only difference is basically how you add the custom plugin folder in Reaper (Preferences > Plug-Ins > VST).

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