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Originally Posted by Emotionmelodiez View Post
I assume that massive and reactor are maschine plugin, but maybe the NI software doesn't see it that way? Idk? There is no "PLUGIN" type folder for maschine. Reactor, massive, guitar rig all have their own folders in my documents list...but maschine just knows where to look in order to list them and open them somehow
Massive, Reaktor, etc. can be used as plugins in any DAW or plugin host application - they are NOT Maschine specific.
Like Reaper, Maschine Standalone can load the same Massive, Reaktor, etc. plugins: https://support.native-instruments.c...n-Paths-VIDEO-

So basically Reaper needs to know or point to the same folder (via the VST Paths in Preferences > Plug-Ins > VST) in which Maschine Standalone is looking for these plugins. Which is by default:

- C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VST Plug-Ins 32 Bit --> point to this folder if you're using Reaper 32-bit
- C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VST Plug-Ins 64 Bit --> point to this folder if you're using Reaper 64-bit

The corresponding Maschine Software VST plugin file ('Maschine 2.dll') should have been installed to the same default plugin location as the other NI plugin files (Massive.dll, Reaktor 6.dll, etc.).

So if you are using Reaper 64-bit:
Assuming that the 'Maschine 2.dll' VST 64-bit plugin file was installed correctly (for instance to 'C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VST Plug-Ins 64 Bit') and the same VST plugin folder ('C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VST Plug-Ins 64 Bit') is also used in Reaper's Preferences, then Maschine 2 should show up in Reaper's FX Browser.

All I know is I've opened and searched all maschine's(and the other NI software)files and folders, and I don't see anything labeled "dll" like reapers plugs are
Where or how did you do the search, exactly?

(and yes there are way more than 3 cockos plugs, but only 3 in the vsti list).
What's the name of these 3 plugins shown in the VSTi list?

And don't move them into the reaper plugin folder? Because I had a bunch of freeware plugs on my old computer and I always placed them in reapers plug in folder for them to be recognized and work?
Then you might have been lucky so far
As already mentioned, it's not recommended to put any non-Reaper or 3rd-party plugins into <Reaper install location>/Plugins to avoid any possible problems in general.

Or are you talking about a different plugin folder or location?

It seems like the problem almost certainly has to be a pathway problem. No one so far on NI's maschine forums have been able to help...and NI customer support is almost useless cuz u wait forever for a response. Still waiting for a reply after 2 weeks and I sent several requests.
Responses to a Support Ticket can usually take a couple of workdays. It's faster to give NI Support a call. Phone numbers can be found here (at the bottom of the page):

So might the ones I need to focus on be called something other than dll?
Since you're using Windows, the VST plugin files are the ones with the .dll extension. But if file extensions are hidden or not shown, it will only display the name like "Massive", "Reaktor 6", "Maschine 2", etc.
As example:

- 'Maschine 2.dll' ('Maschine 2' = file name / '.dll' = file extension) is the VST plugin file
- In comparison the file for the Standalone application (which is installed to a different location) is called 'Maschine 2.exe' ('Maschine 2' = file name / '.exe' = file extension)

So 'Massive.dll', 'Maschine 2.dll', etc. are the plugin files to look for. And, as mentioned above, they are installed by default to:

- C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VST Plug-Ins 32 Bit (for the 32-bit plugin version)
- C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VST Plug-Ins 64 Bit (for the 64-bit plugin version)

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