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Im frustrated enough trying to solve this problem...and feel bad that im also frustrating the only ones trying to help me. :-( Very sorry.
I'm trying or have allready tried all of these things to the best of my limited computer knowledge. I guess what's prolly happening is that I don't know computers enough to correctly understand exactly what u guys are saying to do.

Am I doing this wrong? What am I not undertanding?
Here's what I'm doing....

1)When I look for the "dll" files, I'm opening up the NI software file folders in "my documents"(machine's, massive's, reactors, etc.), and searching thru each "sub" folder all the way untill I bottom out. I can't find a single NI file that is labeled as a "dll". I also can't find any references to dll in the file properties or details windows. Ive been thru every single folder and file and the only dll's I see are the cockos one that came with reaper.
What am I missing? Does NI not use dll type files? Are they labled as something else? the way I'm searching for them wrong?
(I do remember on my old computer I downloaded a bunch of random freeware plugs to use in reaper and most of them were dll also)

2)I have found a maschine plugin folder but it's completely empty, yet maschine finds all NI plug in's just fine in standalone.

3)when u say... "needs to point to", or reaper needs to be "pointed to", how do I do that? I have a general understanding of what this means by the context, but haven't a clue how to do it!?

Even tho I'm computer illiterate, over the past year I've managed to solve many problems related to getting my music software to work by either researching, or just toying around with any settings that seem relevant.
This one has me stumped.

U guys are awesome(and patient).
Maybe if u can tell me how to find/identify NI's dll 's, and how to point reaper to them(once I find them), I might break out of this insane loop I've unwittingly dragged u into with Last thing I want is to frustrate u and waste ur time. If I still dont understand it after that I'll stop bothering u....I promise

If there is something u can add awesome.

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