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Well I did just answer a couple of your questions (even though you just asked them again) and I gather that the suggestions have already been made. Let me try 1 more time...

How to find dll files
: open my computer and there should be a search field (top right in Windows 7). Type into it the following: "*.dll" (no quotes). When you hit Enter, all dll files on your computer will be found. To see the full path of these files right click in the white space of the window and click "view>details." There should be a column now detailing the path you need to give to Reaper.

How to point Reaper to VST folder
s: Open preferences from the options menu. Find "Plug-ins" on the left side and below it "VST." You can add these paths by clicking "add" and browsing to them.

Hope this helps.
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