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Let's try another approach - assuming the plugin .dll files where installed to the default location:

1) In Reaper click on Options > Preferences to open the Preferences
2) On the left side of the Preferences window: scroll down to the Plug-Ins section and then select the VST entry below
3) Now add C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VST Plug-Ins 64 Bit to the VST plugin-path field found at the top on the right side of the Preferences window
4) Hit the [Clear cache/re-scan] button afterwards

You can see the general steps also in the example at around 1:19 in the 'How To Add VST Plugins To Reaper ' video I linked in my first post:

5) Now open Reaper's FX Browser and hit the [Clear filter] button at the bottom of the FX Browser window (to make sure that all plugins are shown in the list and that no plugins are filtered out)
6) Then in the FX Browser, click on the [All Plugins] or [VSTi] section on the left side to see if any of the NI plugins are listed now

If Reaper still can't find any NI plugins, it's probably best to start fresh (with reinstalling the NI products) and taking one step at a time ...

When I look for the "dll" files, I'm opening up the NI software file folders in "my documents"(machine's, massive's, reactors, etc.) ...
Keep in mind that the "My Documents" folder (This PC > Documents) is the location for the Standalone applications of Maschine, Massive, Reactor, etc.

The .dll plugin files are located in a different folder and by default NI installs them to (This PC) > C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VST Plug-Ins 64 Bit

When you open Windows File Explorer, you can either navigate to this 'VST Plug-Ins 64 Bit' folder manually via (This PC) > C: > Program Files > Native Instruments > VST Plug-Ins 64 Bit
Or copy/paste C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VST Plug-Ins 64 Bit directly into the Address Bar at the top of Windows Files Explorer and hit the Enter key afterwards

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