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So after several more hours of trial and error I I finally have maschine on a track in reaper.

I tried adding pathways in preferences. When i pressed "Add" reaper forced me to browse around with the mouse and follow the trail of folders down to the NI files. I re-scanned for vsts, rebooted reaper...did this for an hour trying different paths. No go. Finally I tried copying and pasting locations into the pathway area.
After a couple failures I finally got it to register in reapers list and open. But then all reapers built in plugs were missing. So I went back and added a semi-colon and boom!! what a relief to make it past that brick wall. Finally!

Of course now I have sound from maschine into reaper, but it won't record lol...I'm sure ill figure all the next issues out wayyyyy easier and quicker tho.

THANK ALL OF U for the help! Truly. I am positive I wouldn't have figured it out on my own by researching the troubleshooting tips on the web. Mainly cuz I didn't fully understand what(or how) the process of "locating and adding the correct pathways" was. I understood the concept but I had the mechanics of how to go about it allll wrong.

Now that I'm past this I'm sure I'll be fine moving forward(fingers crossed).

One last thing if anyone will be so kind?(this one is easy lol)
Can u guys recommend a safe site to download some freeware? I spent a but load on this computer and my maschine and I'm gonna be tapped out for a while, but I need some decent free fx while I save up for some good paid stuff. Namely...

Compressor (I had the tdi compressor before I liked)
BPM delay
A nice sounding Hi/low pass filter
A intuitive visual EQ
And lastly some nice reverbs(I don't care for the cocos ones at all).

Any suggestions are appreciated. I hate trying freeware at random. It's very hit or miss for decent plugs.
The MOST IMPORTANT thing is that it needs to be from a safe and mallard free source.
Like I said I just dropped and big knot on a bad mamma jamma computer and I'm determined to keep it virus free. It's actually not even connected to the Internet at all...and besides for downloading and updating my software from trusted sites, it gonna stay that way.
I'm keeping this one a strictly music production set up.

Thanks again. Yall have been awesome!

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