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Default Why is master bus meter discrepant from submix meter

I set up a simple project to test my meters:

I have a pink noise wav file (-15 dBFS RMS) on track 2. No effects or plugins. Slider is at zero. Pan law unchanged.

That track is sent only to a submix bus, which also has no effects or plugins. The submix is sent to the master bus.

The fader on the submix and on track 2 both read -5.0 peak, but the master bus reads -7.4 peak.

There are no plugins or inserts on any tracks. There are, in fact, no other tracks.

Why is that? They should be the same.

In fact, even if I route track 2, with the wav file, directly to the master bus, the outcome is the same. The output on track to is discrepant from the output on the master bus by almost 2.5 dB.

Is this a glitch?

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