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Default Repurposing faders

Originally Posted by Piszpan View Post
First question:

When in instrument mode, I can learn the faders to control eg. ADSR envelopes in soft synths, but they (the faders) still control mixer channel volume at the same time.

How can I rem the sections of code responsible for mixer control? (I will NEVER use this software to control mixer, only to control VST's.)
Glad to hear you have a MIDIMIX working. This behaviour is happening because the slider is mapped to a Reaper action in the script. Here is how to change it

1. Make a copy of the file and call it what_you_like.txt : you can then go backwards and revert if a script edit is not to your liking.

2. Use // to comment out lines temporarily to make them easy to restore if needed. Change as few lines as possible in incremental steps.

3. Find the 8 lines that look like
4. Change the first of these to be an
oscsend(OSC_to_REAPER, reaper_fxparam, tmsg3/127, 145);
to generate knob number 145 as an OSC string for the slider (look at the code for the other knobs too) rather than the Reaper soft action that is called via a function at present

5. See one fader working as desired : check the OSC string is as expected in the OSCII-bot console window and in Reaper learning.

6. Repeat for the other 7 faders with 146, 147 etc

7. This will have created 8 dedicated learnable knobs (physically faders) numbered 145-152 (that have unchanging knob number when banking) rather than track faders

8. Tidy up any changes so it's neat and tidy and change any comments to correspond. It would be tidy to remove the send_soft_fader() function at this stage entirely if it is no longer called.

9. To change the master fader then see guidance earlier in the thread for XamiKami.

10. The pans should work as wished when in instrument mode already : but they should be easy to identify in the code now to understand how the script works.

11. If preferred the "knobs" part of the OSC string (which are not physically knobs) can be named with text as "sliders" or "faders" or "UsefulNameForMyMapping" etc if wished.

Note that a new version Carnelian with up to 144 virtual knobs in instrument mode will likely be released : hence the new knob numbers recommended are from 145 onwards.

12. Finally to start in instrument mode as wished (rather than mixer mode) - try this.
Find this code section
oscsend(OSC_to_REAPER, reaper_action, 41743); // trigger REAPER action "Control surface: refresh all surfaces" (Cmd ID: 41743)
and remove the oscsend() call and replace it with switch_midimix_mode();

To stay in instrument mode, and never enter mixer mode, simply don't press the key combination to go there.

Note this last suggestion #12 is well intended, but untested. Test it just in case there are side effects.

Good luck.

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