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The VST 3 plugin channel configuration seems to be messed up in the newer pre releases.

Here is a video comparison between pre 13 icc build Vs pre 14a icc build.

In Pre 13 icc the VST plugin channel info was partially broken. Here in this video I show with 2 plugins. They are IOSONO Anymix pro surround panner plugin and exponential audio R2 surround. As you can see in pre 13 the IOSONO channel info was broken. when i use iosono panner on a stereo track and set it up to stereo to 5.1 it plays fine. But the moment I split the item the second part of the item's channel config changes to stereo to stereo. This never used to happen with the previous release. With exponential audio r2 surround the plugin channels worked correctly as it used to in previous versions.

Pre 13 Video link

In Pre 14 and 14 a, both plugin channels info are broken. With r2 surround when i put it in a stereo item, the reverb says its only receiving left channel info and thereby the plugin shows mono. If i make the track channel 6 and then add the plugin as take fx then the plugin says 5.1 but when the plugin shows output on its meters coming out of L,R,C channels..reaper's meter is showing outputs in L, R, and Lfe channels (I show this in the video). The IOSONO panner bug still persists from Pre 13. Can you pls fix these ?

Pre 14a Video Link
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