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With 5.75, using Waves Plugins (a good example being H-Comp)

  • Create track
  • Assign single channel input
  • Add VST3: Waves H-Comp (Stereo)
  • Either record and playback, or live monitor

Errant Behaviour:

Best case - Metering does not work, but sound is processed.

Worst case - Sound is not processed. (I have not experienced this, but I've heard reports of it)

Why fix?:

With some plugins that have a mono->stereo behaviour, things start to break when re-organizing effects. It appears to be necessary to sometimes switch out a Stereo wave effect for a Mono version, which is no fun.

Flavoured bagel with extra cream cheese:

I can replicate this in Windows 10 and macOS (el cap and higher).

This does not occur with Reaper 5.70.

Probably related to:

+ VST: inform VST3 plug-ins of multichannel context even if the plug-in does not adjust its I/O configuration in response
+ VST: prevent VST3 multichannel plug-ins from running in mono on stereo tracks [p=1945285]
^ Reporting here since it appears to have been introduced in 5.71/5.75
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