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Would be nice to have an update for the next (official) build, considering some, partly already mentioned missing things.

A quick (not necessarily complete) summary:
    This block consists of.
    ED0AE3021E21F18C=Control Surface Settings
    DFD3E9DC03AA3AAC=Control surface mode:
    D595332891E352CE=Apply settings
    But all these are still missing for different strings the window shows, depending on the selection you do in this dropdown menu.
    Behringer BCF2000 (using preset l)
    Frontier AlphaTrack
    Frontier Tranzport
    HUI (partial)
    Mackie Control Extender
    Mackie Control Universal
    OSC (Open Sound Control)
    PreSonus FaderPort
    Web browser interface
    YAMAHA 01X
    And these are:
    MIDI input:
    MIDI output:
    Surface offset (tracks):
    Size tweak:
    (leave at 9 unless you know what you're doing)
    (usually 8, but can be more for multichannel HUI)
    (0: first fader=master. 1: first fader=first track)
    Ignore fader moves when fader is not being touched
    Map F1-F8 to go to markers
    Ignore global bank offsets (always map to tracks specified)
    Device name:
    Pattern config:
    Device port:
    Device IP:
    Local listen  port:
    Local IP:
    Run web server on port:
    (blank for none)
    User pages...
    Built-in pages...
    Access URL:
    Allow binding messages to REAPER actions and FX learn
    If outgoing packets are dropped by the network, try increasing these values:
    Outgoing max packet size:
    Wait between packets:
    Receive on port:
    Send to port:
    Host IP:
    Device IP:
    Allow binding messages to REAPER actions and FX learn
    If outgoing packets are dropped by the network, try increasing these values:
    Outgoing max packet size:
    Wait between packets:
    (refresh list)
    (open config directory)
    Device IP/port
    Device IP/port [send only]
    Local port
    Local port [receive only]
    Configure device IP+local port
    ...Not forgetting the 'Listen' window itself and strings that might be shown there:


    The dropdown menues are missing still:

  • The context menu of the undo history isn't complete yet, especially the strings in the submenu of 'Undo state information' (like 'Total size: %d bytes' and such) are not available for translation, I reckon these are strings looking like 'Track %d %s: ' or '%s %d %s', where the first %s is something like 'Track' and the second %s is something like 'FX' or so and the whole menu item is a combination of more than one string, where the second part might be something like 'changed (%d bytes)' or '%d -> %d bytes'.
    This menu holds items like 'Project Config: changed (%d bytes)', 'Master Config: changed (%d bytes)' and on top (greyed out) 'Total size: %d bytes'

  • The entries in most columns of the render queue list can't be translated still and the date-format (YY-MM-DD) looks somewhat weird unlike in the undo history, where it is shown as usual in German format (DD.MM.YYYY):

  • We need to be able to insert linefeeds in the tooltip of the grouping window, cos it's most likely that it gets truncated otherwise, especially when using higher group numbers.

  • The string "Recently used" isn't localizable, no matter wherever it appears.

  • These submenu items won't translate in the FX browser, but in the FX window they do.

  • When creating a JS plug-in, there's no way to translate "new effect".

  • These actions appear translated in the 'Main' and in the 'Main (alt recording)' list, but in all others they show up like this:

  • An 'umlaut' issue in the dropdown menu of the video processor.

  • Another 'umlaut' or special character issue becomes obvious, when exporting a note sheet as PDF.
    An original like this:

    ... looks, when exported, like this:

  • Just saw that also the string "Main toolbar", used in some menus still won't translate.

  • And the strings in the debug console are also missing.

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