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Hi there,

I really hope that the devs can put this on their radar. This is really debilitating in terms of using the notation editor, because it breaks the the ability to use the notation editor for it's primary function - to READ MUSIC!!

As well, it also breaks down the purpose of music notation in the first place - to communicate ideas. It doesn't matter if the information is there, if the ideas can't be conveyed in a readable way.

It's like having a bike missing one pedal. Sure most of the bike is there, but by missing the one pedal, you really don't have a bike you can use. If your going downhill all the way, maybe it's not a problem, but chances are, that will not be the case.

As is the case with the NE, if it's functionality is going to break down (ie unreadable) as soon as you use accidentals, then how can you use it with any efficiency and reliability. You can't rely on it to convey your ideas in a usable and communicable way.

I hope this will get on the devs radar at some point, so we can use it to convey musical ideas in a comprehensive communicable way. cheers

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