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Default Midi editor "focus" and scrolling issues

Hi all!

Since the last few versions I'm experiencing some irregular but quite frustrating problems regarding scrolling and focus, especially in the Notation editor, and I can't make my head around how to deal with them...I don't remember this kind of behaviours months ago but I wouldn't be able to identify a precise release in which they started to occur.

Here's an example:

I created a project from scratch, created five tracks with two items per track.
I have written notes around bar 65 of my project, place the cursor at bar 65, select all the items I want to edit, hit my shortcut for "open midi editor - musical notation"...

...and the editor opens showing me roughly from bar 36 'till 47, with of course no notes in it.

I hit "play" and the focus stays there instead of going to bar 65 where it's supposed to go since I have selected "toggle auto-view scroll on playback" so that basically I can't see what I'm playing back.

BUT if I switch to "piano-roll" view, then I can see it and focus goes back to where it should be (so around bar 65)

Here's pictures of the same exact midi editor with the two different views (piano roll and notation):

As you can see there's a discrepancy that's really making me scratch my head :-)

Hope my input can be of any help for future improvements.

Thanks a lot for your work guys!
All the best

I also reported some related "focus issues" in separate bug reports, here's the links:
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