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Default Ben's param mod reafir tip. circa 2011

Originally Posted by WalterSK View Post
Anybody willing to step through the routine and help me out?
.gif incoming

full size:

The settings for attack and release are made up here, but shorter attack long release tends to work but they are material dependant - so adjust those, plus the input threshold plus the wet dry baseline, to taste.

almost forgot what to do but it's all there if you watch closely, and hey its on a loop...

to start, notice i twiddled with the wet/dry/ knob top right of the fx window,
then went to PARAM button etc.

can see by the end, the signal reduces the wet level then returns to max when goes quiet, which is what we want.

having the wet not at 100% as the baseline (top slider in param mod settings) - e.g 90 ish can help with invisibility too.

note: this may likely be my contribution to the world -

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