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having an issue with SWS/S&M: Paste FX chain to selected tracks

Step 1 - insert a vst
Step 2 - give a parameter a MIDI link like 14-bit CC 03,35
step 3 - SWS/S&M: Copy FX from selected track
step 4 - select some other tracks
step 5 - SWS/S&M: Paste FX chain to selected tracks

at this point there's a good chance reaper becomes unresponsive.

Mac OS 10.12, reaper 5.90RC1, sws 2.9.8

Haven't been able to test on older versions, portable etc yet but have tested several plugins.

Was recording video one of the times it happened

Fullsize screenshot is here

you can see 1 additional plugin was inserted but it's not seen in the track fx chains, the UI is broken and the toolbar button for paste fx is stuck pressed. App is unresponsive.
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