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Originally Posted by poetnprophet View Post
Please please! I would love to try this out but I have no idea what exactly to do...and I'm kinda dumb so any guidance would definitely help me and I think it would help you, too

I have a surface that practically nobody has but there is a lot of potential in this thing if I could just get these encoders to work for something.

Have you tried the setup?
It's pretty straight forward, (it might look like a lot but I've written it step by step)
1. Put the CSI folder in the reaper folder (PC or Mac) as describe in the documentation.
2. Put the ini. file in pluigins folder of Reaper (again destination in doc)
3. Start Reaper (hopefully it starts without any issues, I had to install a Microsoft Visual C++ update)
4. In Reaper go to Options>Preferences (or just Ctrl+P) (a new window will appear)
5. Scroll down to the bottom and click on Control/OSC/web
6. In the window click on add" (a new window will open)
7. Click on the empty box beside "control surface mode" and select Control Surface Integrator (this will now show the setting for CSI)
8. Tick "Midi in", (This will show you midi code from your surface later)
9. In Pages Click "GreenPage" (this will auto fill the Surfaces window)
10. if you are just using one surface controller you can delete "GreenControl" "GreenMix2" and "GreenConsole" then click "edit" to edit "GreenMix1" (a new window will appear)
11. You can change the Name to something more relevant to your surface if you wish.
12. "Channels" is set to "8" by default. Change this to whatever number of channels your Surface has (example: the Mackie MCU has 9 channels 8xChannels + 1xMaster = 9)
13. Select you midi in and midi out ports (how ever you have your surface plugged into your computer).
14. At this point you don't need to worry about the templates, best bet is to set them all as "MCU".
15. "OK" everything

If you turn a knob, push a button or move a fader, on your surface, you should see a "midi in" window pop up and tell you midi message info.

Now you can note all your messages and see if they correspond with the MCU messages, (start with the basics Fader 1 Mute 1 Solo) (You'll find the MCU.rst in the CSI folder you created earlier), you will then be able to create a new .rst for your surface controller. But lets not worry about that until you get this far.

Hope this helps, good luck.

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