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Default DDP GUI Marker Editor

A Reaper plugin extension GUI that edits DDP markers in a listbox.
Original code by Sergej Maršnjak. Many thanks for sharing, and making this possible.
Special thanks to Justin Frankel for fixing bugs, and porting to Mac.
Thanks to Christian Fillion for helping add column drag and drop, ini fixes, and code help.
Thanks to SWS for code snippets, Tim Payne, SNM, and Xenakios.

Directions: This is not a vst plugin.

Download the zip file, extract, and pick the version for your operating system, and place it in the user plugins folder. Example: In Reaper, from the main menu go to "Options","Show Reaper resource path in explorer/finder", copy and paste the dll (Windows) or dylib (Mac) in the User plugins folder.

Restart Reaper, go to "Actions" menu, "Show actions list", and in the filter text box, type in DDP, and you will see it there ("DDP marker editor").
I still need to do a manual, but if you right click in the listbox, you guys will get the idea.

Get it here from the the stash.
Or direct download is here:

The source code lives here: (just in case any of you coders want to add any features, etc, as I don't have time at the moment)


Many Thanks,


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