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Default ReaControl24 - Latest Release and News

Hi All, I am @phunkyg and I am now the maintainer of the ReaControl24 middleware for Reaper and Digidesign Control24 hardware.

About ReaControl24:

It is a python project to run alongside Reaper that allows communication with a Digidesign Control24 digital control surface using Reaper.OSC. Once installed and running, you should be able to use:
  • Faders (smooth and responsive, all 24 at once if you need)
  • Pan on Pots, with LED feedback and fine adjustment (hold CMD button)
  • VU meters (except the BUS ones - working on that)
  • Scribble strips (track names, last edited param, configuable)
  • Channel Strip buttons
  • Navigation
  • Transport
  • Jog-Wheel (reaper native Scrub and Shuttle)
  • Clock (beats, time, samples as selected from the desk button)
  • All main surface buttons are mappable to reaper action learn or via Reaper.OSC file

How do I get it?
Visit the Releases page and grab the latest download. Follow the for instructions.

Can I get involved? Can I get new features? Can I get a bugfix? Can I pass back test results?
Yes, Grab yourself a github account here
Then visit the repository page to see what is going on, add an issue, or whatever you need to.
I will also check this thread for activity periodically.

Will you support other control surfaces like the ProControl?
There is work going on a the moment to make this possible, but it is difficult without having physical access to one. There are some brave volunteers already willing to help out, but more are always welcome.

What help do you need
Currently the focus is on these work streams, so any help is appreciated! The skills needed are in brackets at the end:
  • Installation packaging including scripts to help install prerequisites (Powershell, Macos dev)
  • Front End / GUI / helper app (Python, tkinter or similar, Windows dev, Macos dev)
  • More mappings, stateful controls (Python)
  • ProControl support (Python)
  • ProControl testing (owning one, having time, being nice)

Why the new thread?:
Unfortunately, phasewalker is no longer with us, so his original postings are locked away in his accounts. I agreed to take up the project, so it seems a good idea to gain control over the threads and repo.
The original thread is here
From today, I'm closing off the old thread and redirecting the new news and gossip into this thread, so I can gain control over editing and updating. I am also forking the github repo for the same reason.
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