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Here's a new prerelase: ReaLearn 1.8.0-pre1

Windows Installer
Windows Portable ZIP 32-bit
Windows Portable ZIP 64-bit
OS X installer
OS X portable ZIP

The Windows installer is not signed this time. It will be on the next real release.

#163 Improved resilience by introducing a fault barrier (whenever an error occurs, ReaLearn tries to prevent a hard crash and instead displays error information with instructions how to report it to the developer)
#169 Improved toggle mode by respecting target min/max while deciding whether to switch target parameter on or off
#168 Improved relative mode by making it support MIDI feedback as well (the feedback itself of course transmits absolute values, everything else wouldn't make sense)
#172 Improved usability and reduced complexity by removing the separate device dropdown from the MIDI clock sources and instead using the global MIDI input device (Migration instructions for people who have already used the experimental MIDI clock sources in projects: If your MIDI clock input device is different from the global MIDI input device, you need to use two ReaLearn instances now!)
#162 Improved usability by not letting source and mode fields forget their values when switching source/mode type
#175 Improved UI update behavior when using FX parameter target with track '<Selected>'
#161 Fixed possible crash when enabling/disabling take FX
#167 Fixed possible crash when using track selection target
#175 Fixed messed up mappings when dragging FX above another FX which is controlled by ReaLearn
#173 Fixed incorrect step size/count 'min' and 'max' naming
#174 Fixed potential weird behavior by preventing ReaLearn from learning a target which is in another project tab than ReaLearn itself
#174 Fixed track names in mapping window of ReaLearn instances in inactive project tabs
#170 Fixed crash when deleting a monitoring FX which is used in a ReaLearn target (please note that monitoring FX is not completely supported in ReaLearn because of limitations in the REAPER SDK, e.g. feedback is not possible)

Feedback about bugs very much appreciated, especially critical ones. Thanks!

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