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Wink Example for "embedded" Live ("on stage") hardware using Reaper

The upper keyboard is a Seaboard Rise 49 "fretless" keyboard.

The middle keyboard is a DX7 just used as a Master Keyboard, mostly together with a TEC BBCv2 Breath controller, also nice with Hammond sounds.

The lower keyboard is an Kawai VPC 1, best for E-Piano and Grand Piano sounds.

The Surface Device is an XTouch Compact used to control as well the keyboard sound patches as the XAir 18 .

Sound output via an XAir 18 (in an additional rack) and two "dB FM10" floor monitors plus a subbass; and optionally a PA. The XAir also mixes the Live input signals coming from the other members of the band.

(The closed Laptop is not part of the Live setup but used for multitrack recording in the "studio" and playing back 3rd party stuff during the rehearsal sessions.)


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