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Originally Posted by mespotine View Post
How does it do it? Can ReaPack unregister the plugin and runtime, install the new version and reregister it?
I tried to remove an old version of a plugin to install a new one while Reaper is running with a restart of Reaper after installation, but Reaper "blocks" the plugin by accessing it while it runs(which is logical, as Reaper is using it).
I wonder now, how ReaPack does this for the JS-Plugin?
REAPER must be restarted for the new version to be loaded, but I think you're referring to Windows' limitations disallowing writing to running executables. ReaPack works around that by moving the running .dll to a temporary location on that OS. (Overwriting or deleting running executables is allowed on Unix-like systems.)

Originally Posted by mespotine View Post
2. I would need to install my API into the UserPlugins-folder, not the scripts-folder. Does the ReaPack-manager allow me to do that?
Mark either entire packages or individual files to go in UserPlugins as being of the "extension" type. I find it odd to have Lua scripts outside of the Scripts directory, however ReaPack-installed script files must be in a subdirectory named after the repository (eg. "Scripts/Ultraschall/api.lua"). Extension files do not have this requirement.

Originally Posted by mespotine View Post
Now some questions about the process of adding my repo:
1. Is there a full explanation, how to do that? Some kind of manual? I just found one X-Raym wrote, but it is some time since he wrote it, so I guess, some information is outdated.

I read somewhere, that there's a tool, that creates the .xml-file needed by ReaPack, but where can I find it? Where can I find that tool and a manual to use it?
The tool is reapack-index. Its user guide is at The XML index format itself is documented at, as a GUI editor, can help generate the metadata headers for reapack-index (just don't click on "Create pull request" if you want to use your own repository instead ).

Originally Posted by mespotine View Post
And does it support a complex folder-structure with dozens of files as well?
I see your API .zip contains a few empty directories (eg. in 3rd_party_for_everyone). ReaPack, reapack-index, and git all only deals with actual files. Using an empty hidden file named ".gitkeep" or ".keep" is common.

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