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Default 5.97 - Video is more sluggish since update

I use video captures (usually mp4's) in most of my projects as I am a sound designer for video games. I just updated and the newer version is causing some sluggish behaviour that I haven't had before, so I presume it's related to the update.

The current issue I'm seeing is loop playback is causing the video to stick on a frame for a while (a second ish) when it loops back to the start. This is with a short loop (I'm working on a short sound which is why I noticed it) and I'm not seeing it for the first loop.

It feels like it's caching the first sec or so when playback is stopped (or something like that), but when looping it doesn't have the start cached so it pauses while it grabs what it needs. That's what it feels like at least.

I get the same sluggishness when jumping around in a video during playback.

I've only just updated, so will update this post as I get more info, but I figured I should post this now in case it's a legit/serious problem.

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