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Read from this post on. It's explained there. Posts 751 to 755.

Basically your distro's GCC libraries are not new enough. (GCC libraries in some common distros are going to be "not new enough" for a while, it seems.) The author of ReaPack recommends updating the GCC libraries, but I'd personally recommend against anything which might mess with your distro's dependencies. If you've ever messed up dependencies in Linux, you'll know why I recommend avoiding that!

Instead I downloaded the previous version 1.2.1, added it to the userplugins folder, then "pinned" it in ReaPack (ReaPack manages itself from ReaPack, so you can "pin version" of ReaPack itself to an older version so it won't update). Of course don't try updating with ReaPack until you pin the version 1.2.1.

Once GCC libraries are updated for LMDE (etc.) you can then unpin ReaPack and let it update.

Download the previous version from here:
Using REAPER for Linux

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