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Originally Posted by Azzar View Post
I also have a bit more lag (Windows x64), but mostly I've noticed that mouse wheel zoom seems broken. I only get one increase/decrease in horizontal zoom when I set the mouse wheel in motion - no continuous zoom. Downgrading to 5.971 resolved this.
And I noticed the slowdown of scripts that run using the mouse wheel and are in the background
If you make 60 tracks (or more), then my script for moving the cursor and item over frames begins to be interrupted (this is especially noticeable when you quickly scroll the mouse wheel)
To check, assign a mousewheel to the script in the action list and roll the wheel up or down
I recorded the examples in the video

in 5.972
in 5.971 and before

I have already noticed this oddity in other recent pre-releases, and at first I thought that this was a problem with the system (win 8.1 64 bit)

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