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Hi guys! Massive Bugs with AI

Not related to this built and bug confirmed in official last release

Check this out

How to reproduce?

-Place any vsti that obey natively to cc7 volume (kontakt is a good example) on a folder track

-Create a children track containing MIDI item and set the Fader/Pan of the track to control MIDI (link track vol/pan to all midi channel)

- Draw a volume envelope automation on the child track WITHOUT AI

-> everything works as exptected

-> just add an automation item over the envelope points

-> VSTi don't follow anymore?

It seemed that AI act as a "MIDI FILTER?" weird huh?

Thanks for reading

EDIT : Don't know if it helps but the bug seemed to don't appear if the volume envelope is on reacontrolMIDI cc7

So it seemed to be volume envelope related

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