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Originally Posted by brummbear View Post
Rg the save to wav file option: That's something I tried many years back, but it did not work properly at the time. I do not remember exactly but I think the wav files had the stereo messed up (channels would flip intermittently). I gave up, but will revisit this in one of the next sessions (maybe resolved now?).
Yes, this is serious bug, locally saved WAV files (not sure now about OGGs locally saved?) from any ninjam session (normal jam or Session Mode) are in fact mono (L or R channel only, I don't recall which one, but I think it is right channel that is duplicated to both channels of stereo file!!

I don't think it was addressed in some newer versions of Reaper.
And would be great to have it fixed ... as it is especially useful in Session Mode

I will post links to existing threads about that bug later, because we have an all family lunch here now :-)

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