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Going back a few days to v5.975:

Originally Posted by vitalker View Post
v5.975pre1 - April 26 2019:[*]+ ReaScript: add automation item pool extension state via P_POOL_EXT: prefix for GetSetAutomationItemInfo_String()
Originally Posted by WyattRice View Post
v5.975 - April 30 2019[*]+ ReaScript: add P_EXT: prefix for extension-specific string state for GetSetMediaTrackInfo_String(), GetSetAutomationItemInfo_String(), etc
Should AIs have a "P_EXT" prefix, or only "P_POOL_EXT"?

The API documentation only lists "P_POOL_EXT", and this state string does not seem to be copied along with its AI when the pool ID changes. Unfortunately, this is not useful (and not much different than storing an ExtState with the pool number as index): the purpose of the state string should be to store information that is persistent, no matter how the AI is edited.

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