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Default ReaKontrol Release v0.90

Recently I forked James' repository to contribute to the development. My focus during the last days has been adding the missing functionality for the Mk2 series keyboards that turn the keyboard into a fully featured control surface and deeply integrate it with Reaper.

The feature set is almost complete (only automation modes not yet implemented). There is still some polishing to do (in part related to quirks in the keyboard's firmware as well as some specialties coming from Reaper's API), but most of it won't be noticeable really. I therefore decided to publish the first release, you can download the binaries here (Windows only, 64bit). Just drop it into the REAPER\UserPlugins\ folder:

When I find the time I will add release notes and a brief manual with suggested settings in Reaper. The functionality is implemented as per NI Komplete Kontrol Mk2 Manual (see Cubase and Logic pages). Tested with a KK S88 Mk2 Keyboard.

* Komplete Kontrol Instance Focus
* Transport Control
* Mixer Control / Control Surface Functions (Vol, Pan, Mute, Solo etc)
* Track and bank navigation
* Meters showing peak, calibrated to reflect exactly Reaper's meters
* Button light feedback

Eventually James will merge all or parts of these features into his parent repository. He has additional boundary conditions to consider as he needs to ensure compatibility with OSARA / screen reader users. Depending on that development I may rebase the modifications to keep the fork closely tied to James' original development. If you want to compile from sources please refer to the instructions in his repository.

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