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Originally Posted by emarsk View Post
The problem with a rendered binaural stereo master is that if you ears/pinnae/head are too different than the set used by the encoder, then the spatial image you perceive can be even worse than with a regular stereo mix. At least, this is my experience from playing with some free ambisonics plugins: different data sets for the binaural encoder gave me wildly different results.
Yes, but some IRs are just bad in general. See my HRTF list

Originally Posted by serr View Post
There's a front/back ambiguity - a sort of "blind spot" off to the side where you need to move your head a little to tell if it's in front of you or behind you. You can add reverb to resolve this but that runs into a wall with music mixing. Or at least it has as an after the fact translation of a surround mix to binaural compatible. You'd have to add additional reverb components to support the surround image and that's a problem.

Mixing from the ground up one would think you could do any of the surround techniques you liked in a way that was compatible with the ambisonic system and folding down. Sounds good in theory anyway. The two camps need to come together.

There's still a lot of old school stuff going on in mixes too. Bass content like kick and bass guitar mixed to mono in either stereo or front L,R of surround to couple two speakers together for more punch. Keeping panning separation simple when possible with hard pans direct to speakers in stereo or surround. That might not just translate 1:1 to ambisonic techniques.
AFAIK I have not had to do anything specific (ie, reverb) for any system regarding psychoacoustics. Many HRIRs have reverb built in.

surround & ambisonics are 2 different techniques for sound reproduction, but the same psychoacoustics for human hearing apply to both.

It's even more important to apply "surround" techniques of hard panning to ambisonics because the spatial accuracy of ambisonics is even worse than surround.
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