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I'm aware that I am late with this, but I have a niggle with the recently added

+ support copy/paste of CC events from one lane to another

I think it should be possible to copy from a CC lane to a channel pressure lane and vice versa, please.

Currently if you try this, Reaper will ignore the click into the desired lane. It will always paste into the lane you copied from, which can be pretty annoying. Even if the conversion isn't possible, Reaper should rather not paste at all in that case, instead of ignoring that the user has clicked into another lane.

I know that CC and channel pressure have a slightly different structure in that channel pressure carries the value in the second byte, but that shouldn't be a problem too hard to solve.

Btw, conversion between channel pressure and CC is also not working in event properties, because of the byte difference. It tries, but confuses value with CC number. That should probably be a bug report, because it likely has been that way a long time, but I thought I'd mention it here as well, because the problem as well as the possible fix are (hopefully) very similar.
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