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The next big ReaLauncher update with a couple of new things is finally here
version 1.5
+ Added support for key inputs
+ Added preview option for attached audio demo files of projects and templates (requires js_ReaScriptAPI)
+ [Recent projects]: Multiple selected entries can now be removed at once (prior it was only one entry at a time)
+ [Project Lists]: Skip empty entries when reading .rpl files
+ [Backups] tab added for .rpp-bak files
+ [Options]: Added checkbox for 'Prompt to save on new project' (requires SWS Extensions)
+ [Help] tab added
+ macOS / Linux: fix for file paths containing empty spaces
+ General code optimization and bugfixing
Here's a little bit of info** about using the new Audio Preview function:
- - - - - - -
Audio preview
- - - - - - -
Requires js_ReaScriptAPI installed

1) Place an audio file with identical name into the same folder as the project or template file
Supported file types: WAV, FLAC, MP3, OGG

testproject.RPP --> testproject.WAV

2) Turn the preview volume knob to adjust the preview volume (0 - 100 %)

3) Start & stop a preview of a selected entry:
- Via DOUBLE CLICK on the preview volume knob
- Or by using the corresponding key shortcut
** this info and other hints are now also available in the new [Help] tab.
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