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On a quick look at the API doc I couldn't find a function for it either.
But you can access it via int config variable projrecmode using SWS provided functions SNM_GetIntConfigVar() and SNM_SetIntConfigVar().

-- get record mode
recMode = reaper.SNM_GetIntConfigVar("projrecmode", -666)

-- set record mode
reaper.SNM_SetIntConfigVar("projrecmode", 0) -- e.g. auto-punch sel. items
-- hack to trigger record button update
reaper.Main_OnCommand(1007, 0) -- Transport: Play
reaper.Main_OnCommand(1016, 0) -- Transport: Stop
The recording mode symbol of the record button doesn't update immediately when setting it this way it seems, so I've put in start / stop actions to trigger a redraw, maybe there's a more non-hacky way, not sure.

Btw. I used mespotine's Display altered config-variables script to find the right one, very helpful for stuff like this, props to him.

I missed that setting the mode can also be done via actions which solves the button update issue.

As the 'set record mode' actions report a toggle state alternatively you can use GetToggleCommandState() to query the recording mode, not requiring SWS.

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