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FINALLY updated the file set.... (Oct 23rd, 2019)

Please read the ReadMe file, and place the files in the folders they need to be in...

NOTE- There is a huge custom KeyMap file for the main Reaper functions (tied into my huge Control Surface / Reaper / Maschine project)... if you already made custom keymaps with keyboard shortcuts, midi buttons and encoders.... I don't want my maps to conflict with yours... so install and use wisely. If I were you, I would install a PORTABLE install of Reaper. Export your Config from Preferences (From your MAIN Reaper) and import it into the PORTABLE install / folder. Then, import my files.

Tested and works with the latest Reaper (64-bit). I used version 2.7.10 of the Maschine plugin. All of this stuff from before was with version 1.8 of Maschine. This is totally updated. And, I believe nothing has changed from 2.7.10 to 2.8.7 (the latest version of Maschine as of late October 2019).

Please hit me up with any questions!!! I also updated the info for the 2013 video AND the title...

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