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Default From here on may be dragons...

Well, I think I'm done now... Been pouring over code for many hours and I am at a loss when it comes to just one thing.

I'll post some pics.

This first one is the TCP layout that I was using in V5 prior to today's messing around:-

Note that the cyan "INSTRUMENT" track and the pink "EFFECTS" track are used as dividers only and will never contain any media items.

Also that, for those two tracks there are still some controls visible as I was using the R5 default theme, "ba - small layout"

Today I managed to find a Kenny video which helped explain how to unpack a theme and make some adjustments, including removing some controls, so now my R5 TCP layout looks like this:-

And the R5 MCP layout looks like this:-

The divider tracks are based on the R5 default theme "ee --- Strip Just the track name"

In my R5 theme I now have a new TCP and MCP track layout called DIVIDER.

I then copied a pile of stuff, including macros, into my modified R6 default theme.

This is the R6 TCP layout:-

Now the problem here is, for the life of me, I just couldn't suss out how to get the track ID (number) for my DIVIDER track over to the left to match the the other R6 tracks. I must have spent at least an hour, possibly two, looking over the code, experimenting with changing certain values, but to no avail.

That said, although it may not look great, it kind of does the job.

And this is the R6 MCP layout:-

The beauty of all the above (if you can call it that) is that I can switch between my R5 and R6 themes and the divider tracks remain the same. So I may be able to open older projects and be able to fix them quite quickly. I think...

And then, just fer laffs, I faffed around with the transport button layout because I saw it in another topic in this sub forum.

I didn't need to do it because I usually use keyboard shortcuts for all transport actions.

I tried copying over the old R5 button.

So now the button order matches that of the R5 default theme:-

I wish I knew what I was doing... I have experience in old Basic, Visual Basic and LISP in the past but I am finding this REAPER code very hard to understand.

Oh well, that's it for now


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