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Build: 42927.00 from 25th of January 2020

readded from earlier development-builds
  • Developer: SetReaScriptConsole_FontStyle - sets the style of the font in the ReaConsole
  • LiceCap: SetLiceCapExe - sets the LiceCap-executable, which shall be used by Reaper
  • LiceCap: SetupLiceCap - sets up the LiceCap-executable settings of the currently chosen LiceCap-executable in Reaper
  • ProjectManagement: SaveProjectAs - saves the current project under a new filename
  • RenderManagement: GetProject_RenderOutputPath - gets the render-output-path
  • RenderManagement: ResolveRenderPattern - resolves the render-pattern into its actual filename
  • Subtitles: ReadSubtitles_VTT - imports a webvtt-subtitlefile
New features in 4.00beta2.9
  • FXManagement: GetAllRFXChainfiles - returns all RFXChainfiles currently available in ResourcePath/FXChains
  • FXManagement: GetRecentFX - returns the recent fx-list
  • FXManagement: LoadFXStateChunkFromRFXChainFile - loads an FXStateChunk from an RFXChain-file
  • FXManagement: SaveFXStateChunkAsRFXChainfile - writes an FXStateChunk from an RFXChain-file
  • Project Management: GetRecentProjects - gets the last x recent projectfilenames, as listed in the recent projects-menu
  • Scripts: US_Api_Examples_Working_with_FXStateChunks_and_Med iaItems.lua - example of working with FXChainStateChunks
Changes from Beta 2.8 to Beta 2.9
  • FileManagement: GetAllFilenamesInPath - returns now the paths with / as separator only
  • FileManagement: WriteValueToFile - produced Lua-error when passing a nil-value as filename[cur]with[/cur]path -> fixed
  • FXManagement: GetFXStateChunk - counted FXStateChunks, not Takes by parameter TakeFXChain_id -> fixed
  • FXManagement: RemoveFXStateChunkFromItemStateChunk - counted FXStateChunks, not Takes by parameter take_id -> fixed
  • FXManagement: SetFXStateChunk - counted FXStateChunks, not Takes by parameter TakeFXChain_id -> fixed

You can get the latest pre-release from:
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