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Originally Posted by schwa View Post
v6.03+dev0131 - January 31 2020
+ ARA: prevent loss of data when using automatic backups [t=230867]

Thank you very much for looking into this!

I have played a couple of hours with the new dev build and here are my findings:

- old "faulty" project that could not load my edits in v6.03 still does not load them.. But I guess this was expected, since you have changed plugin state in this version. Wasn't it?

The good news: the bug relating to automatic saves seems to be gone for me. At least I could not reproduce it during this couple of hours!

The bad news: I stumbled upon a new bug that causes lost Melodyne edits. I just checked and it is in v6.03 too. Just run Auto trim/split selected items. Melodyne directly re-analyzes and all edits are lost (while Reaper is open, no need to save and re-open).

Furthermore, my Melodyne edits were lost a few times in the same way as I describe above, while manually splitting items in the Melodyned track. But I can't reproduce nor I can say exactly when and how it happened since I was splitting using native and sws actions and scripts... But it did happen, so something is still not right.. Maybe this is related to the bug above?
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