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Default Dfk's Build-Your-Own Custom Toolbar Utility (v.1.05)

Test/use my scripts at your own risk. While it is atypical that a REAPER Lua script would damage or harm your hardware/software/data, I will not accept any liability if this were to occur. The download, installation, and operation of my scripting code and its structures are strictly an operative of free will, and signify an agreement to these terms. You are responsible for any damages that might occur, however unlikely. All my scripts are licensed as GPL v.3.
Script requires js_ReaScriptAPI v0.999 or higher and SWS.

Wanna save a little space? Perhaps you'd like a customizable toolbar? Maybe some cheese and wine? I got you covered!

  • Build your own dockable toolbar, create custom menus...either going upwards or downwards, colorize and resize your buttons!
  • Run multiple script instances simultaneously by copying the .lua script file, renaming it, then loading it into REAPER.
  • Transport any toolbar to another installation by copying its .ini file (located in the same folder as the script).
  • Set window background as a color or image (which can be sized manually or stretched to window).
  • Toolbar buttons can be assigned .png and .jpg images, and manually sized/stretched.
  • Button folders, button tooltips, and added grid customization.
  • Insert FX by name on to selected tracks without custom scripting. Simply put FX [fx name here] into an action slot! (example: FX ReaEq)
  • NEW! Popup toolbar! Choose what orientation you want (top/right/bottom/left) and watch in awe as your toolbar neatly hides away when you aren't using it!

Version .998

Version .97


--------*Fixed issue with scrollbars visuals not updating correctly
--------*Changed default grid line color to dope
--------*When inserting FX, add new track if none selected
--------*Tooltips now only popup for buttons created (
--------*Popup window!
--------*Bug invoked when enabling popup while script is docked
--------*Window can now be resized whether titlebar is showing or not
--------*Fixed crash when using menu buttons and clicking off-menu
--------*Grid size minimum decreased to 3
--------*User Area: option to show/hide image button border outlines
--------*User Area: Name variable for running multiple script instances simultaneously
--------*Reworked multiline spacing (again) added another User Area option to adjust vertical
--------*Large rework on popup feature
--------*New Feature: Button duplication by marquee
--------*Feature previously called "Button Duplication" now called Button Matrix Duplication, and follows button selection
--------*New Feature: Un/lock scrolling from menu
--------*New Feature: Un/lock window resizing
--------*Removed script 'Pause' feature
--------*User can now show/hide grid and enable/disable snap separately
--------*Reorganized main action menu
--------*Fixed issue with image button outlines not showing
--------*Separated button edit menu font color/font transparency items
--------*New Button Customization item: New button text color default
--------*Script now saves entirely to .ini
--------*Moving buttons no longer scrolls when scrolling is disabled
--------*Buttons now show actions states (only for 1st action slot)
--------*Script now simply needs to be duplicated and loaded into REAPER to run multiple instances in REAPER
--------*Removed crash when empty lines in .ini file
--------*Load/save configuration options now in main menu
--------*Window auto refocuses when mouse leaves script window (can be disabled in User Area)
v1.03a (filename will still indicate 1.03)
--------*Hot-fix. Folders were not saving/loading correctly
--------*Hot-fix. auto refocus feature bug fixed
--------*Can hide scrollbars from global options now (removed from User Area)
--------*Fixed bug with scrollbars and popup window (aesthetic only)
--------*Vertical buttons! (only for standard and folder buttons, no menu buttons)
--------*Fixed problem with font size not loading when loading configuration
--------*Fixed problem with image buttons not colorizing their states
--------*Buttons 'flash' when clicked (can be disabled by setting titled 'Babag' in User Area)

I am no longer actively working on this script, or monitoring this thread. But, if you find any bugs which impact the usage of the script feel free to comment on the thread and/or email me at dafarkias(at)
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