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Originally Posted by WyattRice View Post
Also related.
Reaper doesn't see ISRC codes on DDP's created in Samplitude, Sequoia when Imported to Reaper. It sees the other metadata, but not the ISRC.

I can send a full pre mastered DPP for the devs, but it would have to be a private link.
Both HOFA and Sonoris Reads them, and they read Reaper's too.
Just let me know.
Well Wyatt, not only Smplitude and Sequoia, but Sonoris too.

I looked into this issue right now and I found that it has something to do with the fact that Reaper writes ISRC codes to all track indexes, while it should be only on the first index of each track (as mlprod correctly mentioned in other thread):

Originally Posted by mlprod View Post
When talking about DDPs: As far as I know ISRCs are only supposed to be on the first index of each track. Reaper is writing ISRCs on all indexes of tracks. Probably not a problem in practice, but not correct.
As a test I created DDP in Sonoris. It imported into Reaper without ISRCs. Then I opened PQDESCR in Ultraedit and filled in ISRC codes to the other markers where blank space was, so that it looks like from Reaper. Then imported into Reaper with ISRC codes

EDIT: Made even further tests and it seems that for import Reaper cares more abour INDEX1 to contain ISRC and not INDEX0. I did edited the PQDESCR file in a way that I replaced ISRCs in INDEX0 markers by spaces, so only ISRCs left were on each INDEX1. Reaper imported it wih ISRCs again.

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