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OK schwa, I will prepare some. Give me a minute.

So, here are the test projects

Here, when you will make DDPs from each project. Then when importing even to Reaper itself, "index0-and-index1" DDP will import ISRC correctly, but "index1-only" one will import first ISCR for all three tracks = wrong.

Here are screenshots of INDEX1 project DDP imported into Sonoris, HOFA and DDPTOOLS:

And here there are screenshots of DDPs of those 2 example project re-imported in Reaper v6.05rc1

Screenshots of DDPs with INDEX1 only markers from Sonoris and HOFA imported to Reaper do look the same
as the Rreaper's own DDP-index1only re-import (= first ISRC duplicated in other tracks).

(everything here tested in 32bit apps and system - Win 7 Pro)

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