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Originally Posted by airon View Post
v6.09+dev0502 - May 2 2020[*]+ MIDI: send note-offs to MIDI fx and hardware when changing project tempo during playback
I was thinking this would fix my problem where reaper would not play the first midi note of VST sequencers/soft samplers and hardware samplers (MPC Live), at certain tempos and edit cursor locations, but it didn't.

I already detailed the issue in an email to support that I'm going to copy from and paste below:

Reaper has a problem of syncing full playback of VST sequencers/samplers. This problem was first brought up here in 2015. I found that it not only happens with Geist, but also with Akai MPC Software, so the problem is in how Reaper plays/syncs with these types of plugins. The issue is that Reaper will not play the first midi note within the MPC or Geist sequencer depending on the BPM and the cursor location on Reaper's sequencer.

To reproduce, load up samples in either vst and assign them to pads (Geist or MPC software vst), create a pattern in the vst sequencer and atleast fill in the first note at the begining of the pattern for a pad with a sample on it. Set Reaper's BPM to 85 and move the edit cursor to the 5th bar on the sequencer and press play...reaper will not play the first note of the VST's pattern, but will play the rest of the pattern and repeat the whole loop fine after. This problem happens at other bpms and cursor positions randomly.

The forum topic from 2015 that talks about this issue:
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