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Default Notation bug - insert note in non-continuous view and scroll jump (FIXED)

EDIT: All fixed in v6.43


EDIT: In v6.42 the actions "Insert note at nearest X" were fixed. But there are still at least two kinds of actions that are buggy and cause scroll jumps.

STILL NEEDS A FIX after v6.42:
- action "Insert note at mouse cursor"

- actions "move cursor to start/end of selected events". (You need to select a note somewhere after the middle of the system, if it too close to the left of the system, the scroll stays ok. )


fixed for v6.42:

- create midi item long enough so it can be scrolled up/down in notation editor in non-continuous view
- in notation, place cursor on the third or lower staff from the top
- perform "Insert note at nearest X"

- the view is scrolled up unexpectedly

- the view stays as is

Possibly related to:

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