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Originally Posted by Meo-Ada Mespotine View Post
Ah ok, thanks

A little nitpick then, would it be possible to add such an example to the comman-line help as well?

I really had trouble getting, how this was intended, so an example would be helpful with that, I think.
We'll improve the help text, e.g.
  -batchconvert filelist.txt : batch converter mode, filelist.txt includes:
     filename.wav(TAB CHARACTER)outputfile.wav
       (any number of additional files)
     <CONFIG block (optional) which can contain:
       SRATE 44100 (omit to use source samplerate)
       NCH 2 (omit to use source channel count)
       RSMODE modeidx (resample mode, copy from project file)
       DITHER 3 (1=dither, 2=noise shaping, 3=both)
       USESRCSTART 1 (write source media BWF start offset to output)
       PAD_START 1.0 (leading silence in sec, can be negative)
       PAD_END 1.0 (trailing silence in sec, can be negative)
       OUTPATH 'path'
       OUTPATTERN 'wildcardpattern'
       FXCHAIN 'fxchainfilename' (use full path if specified, otherwise FxChains directory)
         (contents of .RfxChain file)
         (base64 data, e.g. contents <RECORD_CFG block from project file)
         (contents of <RENDER_METADATA block from project file)

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