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Default Osc Config Wildcard '@' can only be Int, cant trigger custom actions from TouchOsc

Triggering actions does not work if the command id is part OSC url and is non-numeric - affecting all non-native actions (custom actions, scripts,...).

Example ReaperOsc Config
ACTION t/action/@

Sending osc messages from bash:
send_osc 8000 /action/1068 -> (toggle repeat) Works
send_osc 8000 /action/_SWS_UNSETREPEAT -> Does not work, nothing happens

Triggering custom actions does work if the action id is sent as a typed parameter (e.g. /action/str [s] _SWS_SETREPEAT with the default reaperosc conf).
I tried many different action configs and found none where the non-numeric command id actually triggered the action if it was part of the url path.

System information
Reaper v6.12c rev 8af23cc (June 15 2020)
Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) 64bit
8G ram, ssd, intel i5 quad core

Why it matters to be able to use command ids as part of the url?
TouchOsc which seems to be used by many users only allows sending OSC messages with float arguments. So the only way a TouchOsc user can trigger custom actions is by sending the command id as part of the url path.

The default ReaperOsc config specifies the '@' as wildcard for an action target, which is non-numeric for custom scripts and actions.

I think that the wildcard might get cast as Int since it looks like all other uses seem to be int ids which would prevent the action from being executed.

Posts of other people describing the same issue

Bug Bounty
Since I'm highly motivated to find a solution for this quickly:
I bought a small business license last year, but If you guys from Cockos manage to release (or send me) a pre-release build within a week where this works, I will gladly and immediately buy the large license.

Oh, and of course I would help with testing or provide more information if needed
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