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Ok, I wrote a monitoring script, which you could use. You need to have Ultraschall-API installed(more information at

This opens a new tab, adds a track with a simple 3 band eq-effect.
It adds ParameterModulation to it and opens the parameter-modulation-window together with a window, which shows any changes you make in the parameter-modulation-window.
So if you drag a slider, it will show the value highlighted in purple.

Your task is now to find settings, that cause the script to end with an error or clicks/drags/etc, who show no changes in the monitoring-window at all.
If one of them happens, I made a mistake and I need a description, what you tried. Maybe even with a screenshot of the current settings of the ParmModulation-window, so I can toy around with it.

Thank you for keeping on trying. I really appreciate it

(script is in the next post: )
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