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Default CSI Installation with QCon Pro G2

Originally Posted by herg67 View Post
Can you just clarify, in the midi surface setting in Reaper, what do I select for surface and zone folder in the Templates ?
Ok. I'm hoping this works for you (you might already have done this, but I'm just making sure I'm being thorough):
1. Open Reaper Preferences


3. Make sure "iCON QCON Pro G2 V1.08" or the "iCON QCON EX1 G2 V1.08" are all DISABLED. (on my image they say "not present" that is because the Qcons are not plugged in at the moment. But they need to be disabled here)

4. Navigate to the preference menu called "CONTROL/OSC/WEB" toward the bottom.

5. On the right, click on the "ADD" button next to the "EDIT" button.

6. When the "Control Surface Settings" window comes up, make sure you select "CONTROL SURFACE INTEGRATOR"

7. Once you have selected "Control Surface Integrator" the "Control Surface Setting" window will look like this.

8. Make sure you select the "HOMEPAGE" under the "Pages" window on the left.

9. Then on the right, as long as you haven't deleted them before, the standard surfaces will come up on the right window labeled "Surfaces" (Console1, LaunchPad, iPad, iPhone, EuCon"). (on the above screen, you see QConEX and QConG2. Those should not be there yet, but they are in my system because I have set them up before)

10. Under the "Surfaces" Window you will see an "ADD MIDI" button. Click that.

11. Then a window named "Midi Surface" will come up that looks like this.

12. Under the "Name" setting, you can name this whatever you want."hergQconG2"?

13. Under the Midi In, you need to find the QCon G2 IN. (again, I don't have my Qcon Plugged in, so I couldn't show this)

14. Under the Midi Out, you need to find the QCon G2 OUT. (again, I don't have my Qcon plugged in, so I couldn't show this)

15. If you've placed the LuisG2.mst file in the correct folder for Reaper Roaming then you can select "LuisG2.mst"

16. If you've placed the LuisG2.zon file in a folder named exactly as the mst file "LuisG2" then the Zone Folder would automatically have selected on this category "LuisG2" which points to the Zone file of the same name. If it's not in the right place, this is an issue.

17. I've left all the checkboxes unchecked. Not sure if I need to check anything, but for now, this is working for me.

18. Click "OK" button and that should be it. At this point, your faders should quickly move all the way down and then all the way back up to 0.(if that's where they are set on their corresponding track)

19. Every time you change the MST and the ZONE file and SAVE those files. You must go back to this last screen and hit OK to re-load those files. Otherwise any changes you make will not re-fresh. Or you can turn off the G2 and turn back on, but this is quicker.

Hope this helps.
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