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the media explorer tuning knob needs to be cumulative. if i make an adjustment in cents, subsequent semitone adjustments need to account for that.


1- user has a sample that's -40c shy of a "true" C
2- user uses a true 1c-increment "fine" control to adjust +40c
3- user then releases the "fine" control to adjust +4 semitones
4- at end of this edit, Pitch knob should read "4.40"

desired: final pitch value = cent adjustment + semitone adjustment
current behavior: any cent adjustment is lost when you move the knob.

use case: i work with a ton of found sounds/world music that aren't tuned "true"
without being able to tune them easily to my project, i can't properly demo them
as a result, i often forgo the MX altogether and bring potential samples directly into my project to tune them using Main Screen tuning actions, since they are cumulative.
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